What if I am a woman? February 2016

What if I am a woman? February 2016

Dear Hamaminim (Believers):

We are all invited to attend a conference in the Negev of Israel from March 25-27, 2016…  For more information:  http://exodusnord.org/english/


We are getting ready to meet with our brothers and sisters from the Exodus Nord. This is  a  Norway humanitarian nonpolitical,  non-religious organization, that has helped many Russian and Ukrainians come back home to Israel after many generations.

Just like the Monarch butterfly 4th generation remembers that it is time to go home, see:   http://etzyoseph.org/genetic-memory-part-1/

Sephardic Child fascinated with 3 Monarch Butterflies….


This time around the focus is in the Sephardic Anusim, helping them come back to the Holy Land… Since the State of Israel was founded in 1948, many different groups have returned to the Land. For example to say a few:

1) From the North (1990’s 1,000,000 Russian)

2) From the East (2012 3,000 Kaifeng Chinese),

3) From the South (1979- 1991, Ethiopia, Africa)

4) And From the West (Europe 1924-1948 and beyond)…Now it is the time of the farthest West, the Americas. The Sephardic or descendants of Spain and Portugal living in Latin America seems to be getting the attention now…

Vigo-Portugal 2015 048

Vigo, Spain united by a bridge to Valencha, Portugal

In 2015, the Parliament of Spain and Portugal have passed laws allowing the descendants of the Sephardi,  that were ex-pulsed in the past from their countries because they were Jews, to become citizens of Spain or Portugal, allowing them to get dual citizenship.

Israel Knesset has met and discussed the Sephardim… If you want to read more:


There is an estimated 60 millions of Sephardim today.

The 12 tribes of Israel appear to have mixed in the world like a pancake and it is so difficult to identify them now as it is difficult to identify the eggs in the pancake after being mixed and cooked… Nevertheless we are promised by our Heavenly Father that the 12 tribes of Israel will be identified before the coming of Messiah.

Whether it is the first coming of Messiah for some or the Second Coming for others, the 12 Tribes of Israel will be recognized before the Millennium at Ezekiel 47-48 ; and they will be clearly identified before the return of Messiah in Revelation 7 and 14.

So… What if I am a woman?

Since in Etz Yoseph we look for the tribes of Israel through the patrilineal lines (Numbers 1:1-4) and we only look at the Y-chromosome that is only found in man, I usually get this question from women that do not have a close family male member that can donate their DNA, so we can study their Y-chromosome, to represent them. I also get it from adopted women etc. It seems like there was no physical evidence to find for these women the Y-haplogroups present in their ancestors that could represent the 12 sons of Jacob…

About 3 years ago, there has been offered a test call Family Finder in FTDNA, where they look at different segment of the autosome chromosomes (22 pairs of chromosome in the nucleus of the cell that its genes describes the functions and physical characteristics of a person). Its main purpose is to try to connect people with family members in the recent time; it will go as far as 210 years back, or 7 generations top… It was not very useful for our purposes, since we are looking at genetic markers that would be 4,000 years ago or about 133 generations ago, passed from father to son in the Y-chromosome, The Y-chromosome haplogroup!

But, over 1 million people have tested their DNA and many of them have done the family finder test. So now females, that do not have any other males in their immediate family, find that the males that they match on the autosome strands of Autosomic chromosomes have done their Y-chromosome haplogroup. So Indirectly, these women can take a peek at the possible Y-haplogroups of the males that they match, that one of them could be the Y-haplogroup of their father, that is not with her anymore, but that gave her 23 of his chromosomes…

I am always amazed by the way the Lord works things out!


Let’s try to explain:

I. In a five generations ancestry of a female being generation #1, we do the family finder testing small and long strands of DNA from the 22 pairs of autosome chromosomes. The female has 22 Autosomes + 1 sex chromosome from dad and 22 Autosomes +1 sex chromosome from mom. That is, she shares 50% of the genetic information from dad and 50% from mom. The parents are the second generation. This female shares 25% of each of her four grandparents of the third generation. She also shares 12.25% of the genetic information of her eight great grandparents of the fourth generation. Finally she has 6.25% of the genetic information of her 16 great great grandparents of the fifth generation.

So, in short, you have genes from all these previous 5 generations in your ancestry!!!!!

Females = Square     Males = Oval


5 Generations

Autosomic Chromosomes Family Finder




II. Let’s use as an example Autosome Chromosome # 5 from a chart of a male karyotype and its inheritance in our lady example: (22 pairs of Autosome Chromosomes exist the same in males and females)


We all have 8 great great grand parents that are male in the 5 th generation. Each of them could have a different Y-haplogroups or the same, She only has 6.25% of the genetic great great grandparent.

So the longer strands of Chromosome #5 that are males and match our female in question, then the closer this relative will be to her.   For example first cousins may share about 12.5%  of their DNA and our lady will be able take a peek indirectly to the Y-chromosome of her father.

So ladies that do not have a DNA male donor in their family to strive to look for the Biological 12 sons of Jacob, it is possible now for them to try to gaze into their father’s Y-chromosome haplogroup and into their maternal grandfather’s Y-chromosome haplogroup etc, by checking the Family Finder, Autosomal DNA.

Vigo-Portugal 2015 074

Deuteronomy 29:29  The secret  things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.”

In Yeshua’s love,

Alex & Georgina

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