Shema to Your Genes’ Voice! Part II

Shema to Your Genes’ Voice! Part II

Shalom ha’maminim! (Hello believers)

The summer was teeming full of new people trying to find their ancestors, new publications in science of investigations of the field of genetics and continue of progress in the search for  the tribes of Israel.

At the 32th International Jewish genealogy Dr. Doron Behar shed light on the idea that Jews from anywhere in the world have a genetic load by Genome-Wide Analysis that it is more similar to the people from the Levant (Israel, the Druze and the people from the Island of Cypress = Cypriots)) than the native groups in the countries that they found themselves living during the Diaspora. Also that through the Y-Chromosome (The male inheritance line) there was a link between the Bene Israel (Jews of Mumbai India) and the Israelites from the land of Israel…

On the other hand, the mitochondrial DNA (the female inheritance line) in the Jews of the Diaspora, including the Bene Israel (Jews from Mumbai) is more similar to the population of the countries in which they were dispersed in the past…supporting that Israelites men in the dispersion married the native females of the gentiles.

Genome wide analysis is a way to test all the genome of an individual, that is the DNA of the 46 chromosomes of human beings, instead of just testing for genetic markers in only  1 chromosome, like the Y-Chromosome testing that we are presently doing in Etz Yoseph. But if you read the above article you will see that it was through the Y-Chromosome testing that they were able to connect the Jews from India and the Jews from the Levant. So Y-Chromosome DNA is still the way we think we need to continue trying to identify the 12 tribes of Israel.

The Levant (colored green in the map) is referred to as that geographical area of the Eastern Mediterranean littoral of the Middle East that goes from Anatolia Turkey to Egypt, including Cypress, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel…Some groups include Iraq in the Levant.


The article of the Genome-Wide Structure of the Jewish people speaks once and again that the genome of the Jews in the Diaspora is different than the gentiles that they lived with for centuries but, more similar to the people of the Levant like the Druze and the Cypriots… This supports the notion that the Druze people may be the descendants of the Israel tribe of Zebulun as we have reported in Etz Yoseph.

The second elucidation of the 32th International Genealogy conference was brought by  Dr. Ines Nogueira. In Portugal, she tested the Y-Chromosome of a group of Jews and compared them to another group of non-Jews. She corroborated one more time that the Y-chromosome haplogroups more common among the Jews are: J2 and J1, E1b1b1 and R1b1a2.

But, Dr. Nogueira also found among the Portuguese Jews the following haplogroups: T (used to be K2), I, G and R1a. Previous articles posted in Etz Yoseph show that these are the same 8 haplogroups that we find among all the Jews today.

Geneticists believe that the physical descendants of Ya’acov must belong to only ONE Y-chromosome haplogroup, for example group “J” then E1b1b1 and all the other haplogroups must come from converts to Judaism, because they think that the major Y-chromosome haplogroups were formed over 10,000 years ago…If Ya’acov lived about 4,000 years ago then all his descendants should be from only one Haplogroup, and they are inclined to say that is “J”…Now the group in the “E1b1b1” that follows very closely in frequency, as second place to the “J” group, believe that it is the “E1b1b1” that is the physical descendant of Ya’acov and the “J” are converts to Judaism from the land of Canaan…Any of them correct? We do not have the evidence yet.

Instead we have a different proposition based on what we read in the Bible. The Book of Genesis is explicit in that all men on earth died during the Great Flood and only Noach and his three sons survived (read the articles on the  Y-chromosome that survived the flood I, II and III at

This world deluge is agreed upon Bible scholars that occurred about 5,000 years ago. This means that all Y-chromosome haplogroups that today we find in all the countries of earth were formed 5,000 years ago from a man called Noach and his three sons. And it is possible that different “letters” of the Y-Haplogroups may be genetically descendants of Ya’acov.

We are in high spirits to hear about a recent DNA study supporting our theory above!

Science gives evidence after a DNA study that something Happened 5,115 years ago that caused an explosion of diversity in human beings!

“Evolution and Functional Impact of Rare Coding Variation from Deep Sequencing of Human Exomes”                                                                                                               Science 6 July 2012:
Vol. 337 no. 6090 pp. 64-69
DOI: 10.1126/science.1219240

We see in the above diagram B, that the population size in the past was very small (represented in the color gray column), then as time passed by and the year was about 51,000 years ago the Africans and the Europeans split, but the population is still very small; about 23,000 years ago they stated that the European population started to grow again, but not too much. Finally 5,100 years ago something happened and both the European (spreadingfrom the gray column in width with the color red) as well as the African population (spreading in width the color green) exploded in growth and variety.

They do not explain what caused this explosion of growth and variety, but we believe that Noach’s flood happened around this time and the variety in humans may be manifested by all the different Y-haplogroups that were formed from Noach. So then, it is possible that more than one letter of the Y-haplogroup are genetically descendants of Ya’acov.

Then we advocate that we Shema to the voice in our genes calling us to our Hebrew ancestors and continue to search through Genealogy and DNA testing.

“Witness account of one that continued to “Shema” the voice of her genes”

She decided to check the four grandparents’ genealogy and Y-DNA paternal’s line of each, in which we test the sex chromosome, specifically the “Y” chromosome because his middle part is passed from son to son UNCHANGED:

1) The paternal line of the individual’s paternal grandfather

2) The paternal line of the individual’s maternal grandfather.

3) The paternal line of the individual’s paternal grandmother.

4) The paternal line of the individual’s maternal grandmother.

         1                                                         4

1)    PATERNAL LINE of paternal grandfather: The results of her father Y-DNA came back O3a3c, one of the most common among Asians but it is not common among the Jews… and she could not explain this intense interest about the Israelites history, culture, land etc…She did not have any Jewish ancestry that she knew of (everyone in the family denied it, because it was Taboo to be Jewish in her culture)…




2) PATERNAL LINE of maternal grandfather:

But one day, her mom said that the one place in the world that she wanted to visit if given a choice was Jerusalem…she also remembered her mom saying that if she had another son she would have named him “Moses”…

So she decided to check the Y-DNA of her mother’s father, through her maternal uncle, and it came back E1b1b1c1, the second most common among the Jews living today.


Genealogy of maternal grandfather paternal line:

Maternal grandfather:-Coronel in the army, angry temper. Genesis 49:5-7

He killed a man for leaving his sister stood up at their wedding. Genesis 34

-Maternal great great-grandfather fought and died in the battle of

Independence of her birth country. 1 Chronicles 12:25

According to the Tanach these blessings and curses are in line with the tribe of Simeon.

Emperor and warrior Napoleon Bonaparte was also E1b1b1c1


3)  PATERNAL LINE of paternal grandmother:  She continued to “Shema” the voice of her genes and checked the DNA of another of her grandparents, the third line. She found out that her paternal grandmother’s father was a Portuguese with the Y-haplogroup J2, one of the most common haplogroups among the Jews today

Genealogy of paternal grandmother line:

She played Piano every Sunday at church. Praise Genesis 29:35    David/Harp 1 Samuel 16:23

She served taking care of the elderly during her retirement years. Also she  raised the  three J2 Y-haplogroup nephews and  her own 7 children. Isaiah 49:6

She was a successful business lady.

She depicts the blessings of the Tribe of Judah

4) PATERNAL LINE of maternal grandmother: Pending…

We can explain now by genetics and Genealogy why she had that unexplainable love for the Israelites, their culture and their language…She had among her ancestors the two most common haplogroups among the Jews living today: “J2” and “E1b1b1c1”. What a testimony to the awakening of the genetic memory by the Ruach Hakodesh!

And all the Glory is to YHVH through the Ruach Hakodesh by His Son Yeshua!

Ephesians 3:20-21

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the Power that works in us,

 21 to Him be the glory in the assembly and in Messiah Yeshua to all generations forever and ever. Amein.

Alex C. Perdomo MD and Georgina Chan Perdomo MD








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