Shema to Your Genes’ Voice! Part I

Shema to Your Genes’ Voice! Part I

We have 148 members in the Etz Yoseph Project and the Lord continues to fill the blanks regarding the genealogy of our ancestors…From all over the world, there has been 84,575 “Hits” to our web site since we started counting in March 2011…This speaks to us of how YHVH is moving His people to dig and find out more information about their possible Israelite Roots…Praise Yah!

We are very excited about attending the 32th International Conference of Jewish Genealogy in Paris France from July 15-19, 2012. Some of the leading scientists in Jewish genetics will inform the attendees about the latest advances about this topic. As well, we will have an opportunity to hear updated findings in the Jewish genealogy field.

We are also keyed up and honored about the invitation for us to speak at the 13th MIA Conference in Orlando Florida from August 31 to September 2, 2012 during Labor Day weekend… We hope that we can see many of you there and share where Israel is standing regarding Genealogy and Genetics.

As we stand today, this graphic depicts an approximation of the distribution of the Y-haplogroups among our brother Judah today.










The most common article read in Etz Yoseph deals with the Y-chromosome that Survived the Flood, Part I, Part II and Part III.

We think that as more people do their DNA test, they are finding out, that their “Y” haplogroup is not “J”, which is the most common among the Jews today, nor “E1b1b1” which is the second most common among the Jews living today…Never the less, they have this “awakening” in the deepest part of their soul that they have “Israelite Roots” and cannot make peace with themselves and the results of their DNA test… so some of them continue to search for an answer…

They continue to “Shema” the voice of their genes.

“Shema” means in Hebrew “to hear and to act on what you heard”… They do not give up because one of their four lines of grandparents did not yield the DNA result that they were expecting and continue to investigate into the DNA of the other three family lines.

Is it worth it?

It is, when we are presented with data that tells us that the Y-chromosome haplogroups were  formed 60,000 years ago, but with no facts in the genetic mutation rates calculations… If all haplogroups were formed 60,000-10,000 years ago, then Ya’acov and his 12 sons would have to be of the same Y-haplogroup, for example: all the tribes would have to be “J” or like some others think, all tribal groups would have to be letter “E”.

Instead we have also heard that the Tanach is explicit in that all men on earth died during the Great Flood and only Noach and his three sons survived…This World deluge is agreed among Bible scholars that it occurred about 5,000 years ago…That would mean that all Y-chromosome haplogroups were formed 5,000 years ago from a man called Noach and his three sons.

So, which Y-chromosome haplogroup belonged to Noach and his three sons?

I recently had this conversation with one of the members of Etz Yoseph and thought that it would benefit other members as well:

“Regarding the meditations about the 12 children of Ya’acov belonging to only one Y-chromosome haplogroup and the rest being grafted in…

Genetic mutation rates are affected by the ENVIRONMENT where they are found…For Example: The same STR (Short tandem repeats) in a DYS in the Y-chromosome may mutate at different rates, if that person is in Ireland, Kennya, Australia or China.

In the non-recombinant area of the Y-chromosome, the most common “Mutations” are not an actual loss of material, instead it is a “change” of one nucleotide base for another: For example if it was a guanine {G}, it gets change to a thiamine {T} and you have a mutation.

At the time of Noah’s flood, the fountains of the earth broke according to the Genesis account, and there may have been a lot of radiation escaping from the center of the planet that might have caused mutations to occur at a faster pace than what the speed for mutation change was before the flood… Not only that, I believe it affected the passage of time, hence the observation of Albert Einstein that time is relative…. Talking about Einstein, he was the most noticeable Jew of the 20th century and his Y-chromosome haplogroup was not “J”, Albert Einstein was actually an E1b1b1…

So do the 12 sons of Ya’acov have different sub-groups of E1b1b1?

If so, then the “J” haplogroups were actually Canaanites that mixed with the Israelites?

I do not believe this, but there are many pushing that theory.

My point in bringing this up, is that up to now all the before mentioned are theories and seemingly valid….And very easily Ya’acov could have had the “Changes” mutations, of a few nucleotide bases in his sperm cells giving rise to different Y-haplogroups on Ya’acov’s 12 male offspring …. Even though, YHVH has created the laws of the Universe to behave in certain ways, He does intervene affecting these laws thereby resulting in what we call miracles, for His Glory.

Now, among the people that I know, some have loved the land of Israel so much, that they have sacrificed their own lives to the point of living in Israel as immigrants, with the retirement money or fortunes from their country of origin, which results in them having to leave every so often because they cannot get citizenship in Israel; these people are of the Y-haplogroup R1b1a2… Risking their own lives, they will not have the same standing as the citizens of Israel, nor will they be able to get jobs in Eretz Ysrael but they continue to live in The Promised Land… The majority of the pastors that are teaching the Word to His people including the Torah are of the Y-haplogroup R1b1a2.

If you count in Etz Yoseph the number of R1b1a2 participants, you will see that these are as “numerous as the sand of the seas”, the majority by far…

Is haplogroup “J” as numerous as the stars in the skies?

Is Haplogroup “E” as numerous as the sand of the seas?

Neither J nor E fits this promise anywhere in the world, but R1b1a2 does fit this promise. This specific promise was given to Abraham, who gave it to Isaac, who gave it to Ya’acov, who gave it to Yoseph through his son “Ephraim”…Ephraim was supposed to be the father of many different goyim nations.

Genesis 48:19 But his father refused and said, “I know, my son, I know. He also shall become a people, and he also shall be great; but truly his younger brother {Ephraim} shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall become a multitude of nations.”

We find “R1b1a2” among the  Czars of Russia (Emperor Nicholas II of Russia), the  Kings of Ireland (Irish King Niall of the Nine Hostages), American Presidents (President Franklin Pierce, President James Buchanan Jr, President John Adams) and even among the Pharaohs of Egypt (Pharaoh Tutankhamen , his father and grandfather) !

R1b1a2 being Ephraim can be explained using the founding effect and  the “bottle neck” effect in genetics very easily…The native Y-haplogroup of Western Europe disappeared due to illness (For example: The Spanish flue killed millions of European just in 1800), the natives did not have male sons, natural disasters, etc…and at the same time the descendants of Ephraim that were dispersed from Israel 2,800 years ago are in Europe at this point in history…The Ephraimites multiplied, flourished, and exploded having many male descendants… then, establishing the R1b1a2 as the most common haplogroup in Western Europe.

Now this is a theory as are the others. Imagine that Noach and his three sons were Y-haplogroup CT.

 Why Haplogroup “CT”?

Because, all human males living today have the defining mutation M168 in their Y-Chromosome, and are believed by geneticists to come from this haplogroup “CT”, except the males in Africa…

Then Ham, Noach’s son that was haplogroup “CT”, started his way down from Mount Ararat Region to Canaan becoming Haplogroup “C”, and then continuing to Africa lose one SNP but added another SNP and became haplogroup “B”, and further down switched to another SNP and  they became haplogroup “A” (Following the same route as described in Genesis 8:4 – Genesis 9:18 – Genesis 9:22 – Genesis 10:6-20)

The environment is very different at this time; I believe that high levels of radiation would have  shortened men’s lives from the 900 years that Noach lived down to the 120 years that eventually Moses lived… Also the amount of ultraviolet light would have been different in Turkey than it would have been in Kenya…Slowly Ham’s Y-chromosome would have had deletions of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and would lose one SNP turning from Y-haplogroup “CT” into Y-haplogroup “C” but also would add another and become Y-haplogroup “B” and so continued his way down and changed his SNP again and would become Y-haplogroup “A”… So this theory of Ham and his descendants is as plausible as the one of Spencer Wells that Y-haplogroup “A” was first formed in Africa 60,000 years ago…

I am working on the Y-haplogroups of another son of Noach, Shem and his descendants, as I write this letter and will let you know as I have more evidence supporting our theory.

The Prophecy in the Word of Abba will become true! The 12 tribes of Israel will be identified…We pray for faith, discernment and strength as we continue to pursue the work that He has established for each one of us, as we search for the Tribes of Israel… We pray that the remnant of Israel will “Shema” to their genes’ voice.

Ezekiel 47:13 –[The Boundaries of the Land] This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “These are the boundaries by which you are to divide the land for an inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel, with two portions for Joseph…

ברכות אהבת ישוע, Brachot Ahavta Yeshua, Blessings in the love of Yeshua!

Alex C. Perdomo MD,

Georgina Chan Perdomo MD

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