Genetic Memory VII

Genetic Memory VII

Napoleon Bonaparte was E1b1b1c1, was he a descendant of the tribe of Simeon?

Napoleon Bonaparte 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821, was a French military and political leader during the latter stages of the French Revolution. “He is generally regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.”

Napoleon fits the blessing given to the tribe of Simeon in 1 Chronicles 12:25 “Mighty men of valor fit for war”

Napoleon was also a champion of the Jews…Genetic memory awakening in Napoleon?

Wikipedia tells us:


Jewish emancipation

Further information: Napoleon and the Jews

Napoleon emancipated Jews (as well as Protestants in Catholic countries and Catholics in Protestant countries) from laws which restricted them to ghettos, and he expanded their rights to property, worship, and careers. Despite the anti-semitic reaction to Napoleon’s policies from foreign governments and within France, he believed emancipation would benefit France by attracting Jews to the country given the restrictions they faced elsewhere.[92]

He stated, “I will never accept any proposals that will obligate the Jewish people to leave France, because to me the Jews are the same as any other citizen in our country. It takes weakness to chase them out of the country, but it takes strength to assimilate them.”[93

Jews in Europe

All the states under French authority applied Napoleon’s reforms. In Portugal, the State allowed Jews the same rights as other citizens and authorised them to open the synagogues for the first time in over 300 years. In Italy, in the Netherlands and in the German states, the Jews were able to take their place as free men for the first time in the society of their respective countries.

If you read the last update, Genetic Memory VI under articles at,

We talked about the Etz Yoseph member #196624 that has the Y-haplogroup E1b1b1c1 as probably belonging to the Tribe of Simeon, because of the blessings and curses depicted in his paternal line genealogy…coincidence?

We thank David Tiernan, a member of Etz Yoseph that sent us this article published in December 2011, by the Journal of Molecular Biology, regarding the Y – haplogroup of  Napoleon Bonaparte as E1b1b1c1, the same as our possible Simeon Etz Yoseph member  #196624 .


If you are reading this update and you are E1b1b1, can you consider taking it a step further and have your  SNP’s or Deep Clade DNA test done to see if you have the SNP”s 35 and 34? This will help us know if you are E1b1b1c1 or not…Would you also look into your paternal line genealogy and see if it fits the blessings and curses of Simeon given in the Bible?

Order of birth. 2nd son of Jacob.                                                                      

Simeon 59,300 N1:23

Mom: Leah—

Jade = Pitdah Stone:

Meaning of name: Hear-son  -G29:33

Jacob’s blessings. G48-49Cruel, anger, self willed along with Levi G49:5-7

Moses’ blessings. D33 “Moses omitted Simeon, but that tribe did not lose their   identity:

They are in Ezekiel 48 for the millennium   & also in Revelation 7, as part of the 144,000Other blessings in the Bible.

“Mighty men of valor fit for war’. 1 Chronicles 12:25

Other blessings in the Bible.Stays bound in Egypt with Joseph, G42:24

Inherited and fought   beside Judah Joshua19:9; Judges 1:3,17

We still need to know our paternal line genealogy to be able to identify the tribes by DNA.

Is it not amazing?  how science can take 2 hairs preserved from the beard of Napoleon Bonaparte and identify his Y- chromosome haplogroup by Y- 37 STR’s and by SNPs analysis  (Deep clade) on the basis of two of his beard hairs, that the Y.haplogroup of Napoléon I is E1b1b1c1* by having the SNP’s: M35 and M34.

And then, they correlated it with the Y-DNA 37 and actual Deep Clade test of Charles Napoleon his living descendant, who also had the SNP’s 35 and 34. Thus as we expected, the Y-haplogroup of living Charles Napoleon is also E1b1b1c1 as his deceased paternal line ancestor Napoleon Bonaparte.

We hope this information will inspire the E1b1b1 in Etz Yoseph to have your Deep Clade test or check the SNP’s 35 and 34 to see if you have them as Napoleon I,  and help shine information in the pursue of identifying the tribes of Israel.

Is E1 b1b1c1 Simeon? We think there is a high probability.

Brachot Ahavta Yeshua,

Alex C. Perdomo MD

Georgina Chan Perdomo MD

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