First Genetic Test for Israeli Citizenship

First Genetic test to define a Jew for the Citizenship of Israel.

November 8, 2017

Dear Believers:

For the first time in Israel is permitted a GENETIC TEST to be use as proof of Jewish Descent for 40% of Ashkenazi’s Jew and hence prove for their Israeli Citizenship! (Maybe we should say Israelite biological ancestors?)

When my daughter the lawyer up north, sent me this article I jumped literally… For one part, they are giving to genetics its correct place, in the other hand they are going the wrong way.

We have been waiting for this time but in a different approach and I pass to explain the reason.


This is according to:

According to the Article in the New Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Yosef Carmel, who is both the co-head of the Eretz Hemdah Institute for advanced Jewish Studies and a senior rabbinical judge on the private Eretz Hemdah rabbinical court in south Jerusalem.

Now, it is because a woman dared the courts and submitted her own DNA results which were mitochondrial DNA which can be done in woman and man, but only gives you the maternal line.


The Etz Yoseph Project tries to follow the Tanak ( Torah, Prophets and History Books)  and according to it, the tribe of a group is determined by the patrilineal line.

Numbers 1:1-2

1 The LORD spoke to Moses in the tent of meeting in the Desert of Sinai on the first day of the second month of the second year after the Israelites came out of Egypt. He said:

2 “Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one.

Jacob had 12 sons to establish the 12 tribes of Israel, so these four women that they can refer to as being descendants of them must have been converts to Judaism…

According to the Tanak in Ezekiel 47 and the New Testament or Britt Hadasha, there is no difference in Messiah, between Gentile (foreigners) and Jew (Israelites), between  woman and man. 

Ezekiel 47:22-23                                                                                                                 

22 You are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel.               

23 In whatever tribe a foreigner resides, there you are to give them their inheritance,” declares the Sovereign LORD


Galatians 3:28

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.



But if Etz Yoseph is looking for the BIOLOGIOCAL descendants of Jacobs, it is not to say this one is better than another, and certainly the test of mitochondrial DNA that gives us the converts to Judaism does not help us.

The reason is Revelation 7 and 14… The 144,000 thousand will know from which tribe they each come from… For example the 12,000 of the tribe of Issachar will know their tribe…

Revelation 7:4-8

4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed:

5 of the tribe of Judah twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Reuben twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Gad twelve thousand were sealed;

6 of the tribe of Asher twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Naphtali twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Manasseh twelve thousand were sealed;

7 of the tribe of Simeon twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Levi twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Issachar twelve thousand were sealed;

8 of the tribe of Zebulun twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Joseph twelve thousand were sealed; of the tribe of Benjamin twelve thousand were sealed. 

The question is how would they know? We think is through markers in their Y-Chromosome DNA… Hashem has always loved His creation. Which is us, and Have made us His partners throughout the 1400 years in which the Bible was written… Why would not our Heavenly Creator use us as partners now? Hashem created DNA and its sequence and the ability by one of His creations, man,  to determine the sequence and the genetic markers…


We must continue in our endeavor to find the Biological descendants of Jacob Israel through DNA in the patrilineal line as the Tanak tells us. Not as man tells us to do.

As we do this we must remember what the reason is that we have been chosen to know Him, and to achieve His goal for us throughout the world.


You may read the article at:


If you need to read what the Jews and Geneticist think and  the ABC of Genetics of the Jews are:


In His love, באהבה שלו

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