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 Dear believer

I am writing this update from Jerusalem. The 35th international Jewish Genealogy is over, and I should return home to USA soon.

Jerusalem 2015 Shrine of the BookA mixture of disappointments with the joy to be in His city Jerusalem, but confident that His Will be done in spite of the opposition to identify the tribes of Israel… Maybe DNA is too new of a concept playing in the mist of politics, religion and money  to be embraced by those in power.

But my trust is in The Lord and if it is His Will that we identify the tribes of Israel by DNA it will be done in spite of all the forces that gather against it… If it is not His Will, it will not come through, but every one of the signers of the petition would have done the up-most in their power that He has given us in front of our Lord, either way we win.

A Very interesting talk on “The DNA of the Jewish People”, By Max Blankfeld from Family Tree DNA. 7/6/2015


Anthrogenetics = mixture between anthropology and genetics.

 Y-DNA and migration line.

 Sephardic Jews in 2015

J = 41-43%

E = 20 %

G = 10%

R1b = 8%

R1a =10%

T = 3%

I = 1-4%

Q = 2-5%

Funny quote from the speaker referring to how we try to make the data fit our hopes with the results of the DNA testing:

“If you torture data long enough it will confess” …by Robert. Coase 1991 Nobel Price in Economics…

The talk on the DNA of the Jews from family tree DNA continues to give us the same division of the 8 Y-haplogroups among the living Jews that are non-believers that we have shared in the past the only difference is the percentage… As they tested more and more Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, the “J” increased to about 40 % and in the Sephardic chart, second place comes the “E1b” decreasing to about 20 %, in the Ashkenazi’s chart the “E1b” decreased to third place around 12% as it is surpassed by “G” in second place…. In the Sephardic chart the “E1b” maintain its previous second place. See pie diagram for the Ashkenazi Jews Y-chromosome haplogroups that Family Tree DNA shared with us.

2015 Ashkenazi Jews Y haplogroup

The geneticists have convinced themselves even more that only “J” can be a biological descendants of Ya’acov and that the rest of the Haplogroups are descendants of “conversos” to Judaism throughout the millenniums…For example “E1b”coming from the conversos of the “multitudes”  of the Exodus from Egypt that joined the Israelites. (Exodus 12:38    )

A chart of Y-haplogroups matching places of origins was shared with us as follow:

E = North Africa

G = Caucasus

I = S.E. Europe

J = Fertile Crescent and Saudi Peninsula

Q = Central Asia

R = Turkey to Kurdistan to Europe

T = Lebanon to Fertile Crescent

Rabbi Y.M. Kleiman, the author of DNA and The Bible, The Genetic Link, gave an excellent talk on “The DNA connection”. “The Modern Jews and The Ancient Hebrews”. By Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman.


He assumes that because the greatest number of the Cohanim are “J” , and we find the “J” origins in the Middle East then Abraham must have been “J”…

He tells us: “Cohen Model haplo type. Genetic mutation rates going backwards 106 generation of 25-30 years will lead us to about 3,300 years ago” which is the time when Aaron lived.

So I asked him if he then thinks that the 12 tribes of Israel will be identified within the “J” group. His answer was “There is not enough time for the mutations in the DNA to occur from Ya’acov to the 12 tribes, so they will not be identified by DNA”

So I asked, how are then the 12 tribes identified for Ezekiel 47-48 to be fulfilled?  He answered: “It must somehow come from above, like a miracle.”

Geneticist believed that the mutations (that give us the Y-haplogroups) called the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) occur every 3, 000-4,000 years… So hence “there is no time” for new mutations to be form and mark each of the 12 tribes of Israel between Ya’acov and his sons…Now, the way that they measure how often a mutation SNP occurs is done by going backwards in time and “assuming” that there is nothing else happening that may accelerate the mutation rate from occurring, like excess cold or heat in the environment, etc. most importantly for our case, geneticists are mute regarding the mutations that radiation can produce.

So the next day I find Rabbi Kleiman in a different talk and I decided to approach him again…

This time I explained that in the Tanakh Sara also “ran out of time” she was 90 years old (Genesis 17:17) She has gone through the menopause, in the natural world there is no way that she could become pregnant at that time… Regardless that she ran out of time, she became pregnant… somehow YHVH miraculous makes her ovulate, but see Abraham had to do his part, and Sara had to carry the pregnancy and delivered Isaac… It is just another example that God works after we humans have done 100% of what we can do, and even after He intervenes and Does the miracle, we human must continue doing our part.

So in the case of identification the 12 tribes, only after we have done everything in our part to identified them, will YHWH intervene, to prove that only He could have done it but we humans must continue on trying to find them out.

I said to Rabi Kleiman: Imagine this other theory (as up to now they are all theories): Remember in Genesis 28:12 when Ya’acov is having the dream of the ladder, where angels go up and down the ladder? This happens before Ya’acov fathers his 12 sons. What is more the dream of the ladder is the occasion that YHWH uses to bless Ya’acov with his progeny to be as numerous as the dust of the earth (Genesis 28:13-14).

I continued–Remember in Genesis 34:29-35, how Moshe had to cover his face every time that he came from his encounter with Hashem because Moshe’s face “Irradiated light” probably from the irradiation that an encounter with YHVH entitles?  … So Ya’acov’s encounter with God in the dream of the ladder may have exposed his spermatogonium to irradiation and created mutations specific for each of the 12 tribes, then when it was time to father his sons, the spermatogonium that has a genetic identification marker for Ruben, as an example, will mature into the sperm that will carry all the information to make Ruben, including his identification genetic marker. Whether the 12 different mutations are done within the “J” haplogroups or with different Y-Haplogroups like “G” or “I” etc. we do not know.


The Rabbi went silent and we had to stop the conversation as the next lecture would start and I did not see him again.

I have shared this story with you guys before (read :  but I thought it was important to share with you the conversation.

Thanks to the ones that have overcome fear and trusting in HaShem have signed the petition to be taken to the Israel authorities in Tabernacles of 2015.

If any of you feel led by HaShem to sign the petition please write to me an e-mail to  agreeing to the petition with your name, e-mail and Country where The Lord sent you at birth and country where you live now.

Looking forward to hear back from you,

Romans 12:12   Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.”

In Yeshua-Jesus’s love,

Alex & Georgina



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We humbly  present this petition during the Feast of Tabernacles of 2015, Sukkoth 5776, to the appropriate authorities in Israel that have jurisdiction over the tombs of the Patriarchs, also known as “Machpelah” in Hebron Israel, so with the up-most respect we can extract DNA from Ya’acov; and when possible also from his son Yoseph in Shechem (Nablus) Israel. The genetic information that would be extracted from their bones’ DNA will give conclusive genetic information of the lineage to the descendants of the Patriarchs that are in the Diaspora.

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