90% of the Palestinians are hidden Israelites?

 Professor Ariella Oppenheim, from Hadassah Medical School laboratories at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem tells us that the Palestinians are descendants of the Israelites according to their DNA.

“The DNA of the Palestinians are closer to the DNA of the Ashkenazi Jews than to the DNA of Jews of the Middle East”

An international genetic study was conducted by professor Oppenheim with Professor Marina Fiereman and Dr. Dvora Filom to reach this conclusion.

Rabbi Dov Stein, Secretary of the New Sanhedrin tells us that genetically speaking the Palestinian are closer to the Jews than the Ethiopian Jews.

Tsevi Misinai, an Israelite that founded the engagement organization whose purpose is to bring this knowledge to the Palestinians, has invested over $130,000.00 of his own money in this project. He takes the message to the Palestinians in Israel that they belong to Israel, even if they are Muslims at present time; That this is proven by DNA which can not lie.

“Palestinian home and olive tree groove in the West Bank, June 2011″

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Shabbat Shalom,
Alex and Georgina

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